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Count us out of cookie cutter marketing. We merge expertise and proven techniques with personalized strategy and artistic content. We bring marketing magic to small and mid-sized businesses looking for a partner to fill their marketing needs.

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Cooley Creative: Marketing & Content Creation Services


Brand your company with intention! Business photography is a vital component of marketing – for both digital & print media


Graphic Design

Your company branding is not complete without the right logo and design work for your print and digital marketing needs. Our team can provide creative and tailored designs for your e-book, brochure, business cards, merchandise, and more.

Business Videography

Create powerful & engaging content utilizing one of the best advertising tools for digital media: video! We utilize storytelling that incorporates marketing strategy concepts to make your video content more effective.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Looking to enhance your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic? Our top-notch SEO services guarantee improved search engine rankings and increased online exposure. Partner with our experienced team to unlock your website’s true potential!

Digital Marketing

Utilize Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, & YouTube Campaigns to further the effectiveness of your curated content. We create dynamic campaigns that are specifically tailored to your needs and boost conversion rates.

Social Media Management

Expand your social media presence & the reach of your vision to your target audience with intentional content and engaging content.

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Cooley Creative: Creative Content + Marketing Expertise

Unlock the true potential of your brand & business with our variety of services in digital marketing, videography, photography, and social media management, seo, print media & more. At Cooley Creative, we believe in turning your vision into reality and creating captivating digital experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Elevate your online presence and let’s make some marketing magic together! 🪄

New Year.

New Goals.

New Solutions.

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But Why Us?

We have a passion to see other’s succeed. We want to give you the tools you need to share your brand or business in a way that fully represents you. This blend of knowledge with captivating visuals is what sets us apart. Plus we are like pretty cool to work with.

Marketing Magic?

We believe with the right understanding, proper tools, inspired creativity, and strategic campaign structure your marketing strategy can be pure magic. It can transform an individual from a stranger to faithful customer before our very eyes.

We provide custom marketing campaign strategies and implementation of these strategies to help our customers build their brand, establish a larger network, and gain a consistent customer base. We utilize many formats of media and channels of advertising to best meet the needs of your target audience.

Cooley Creative Company Values

We pledge to be the harbingers of authenticity, for trust is the currency of enduring relationships. We revel in the art of understanding your patrons’ desires, aspirations, and quirks, and channel this wisdom to forge a bond that transcends transactional encounters.

We help shape ideas that breathe life into your ambitions. Each strategy is a customized to the needs of each client we interact with in order to better suit the needs and desires of their audience.

Our foundation is built upon the pillars of integrity, excellence, empathy, creativity, and innovation.

Let us forge a future of mutual success and indomitable triumphs, where your brand sees it’s highest potential.

Welcome to Cooley Creative — Let’s Make Some Marketing Magic!


Cooley Creative Studio

photography studio

Photography & Video Studio

Are you a photographer or videographer? Chat with us about renting our space for your next shoot. We are set up for business portraits, interview style shots, creative shots, podcasting and more.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Offices

A hub for our digital marketing services, Cooley Creative Studio is the HQ from which we run all social media marketing, digital campaigns, and other marketing services.

dance and art studio

Creative Collab Space

With classes & workshops throughout each month, Cooley Creative hosts dance classes, yoga, art classes, wellness classes, photography and videography workshops and more. Check out our schedule.

Visit our Studio & Offices:

3050 Airman’s Dr Fort Pierce FL 34946