Meet the Team

Tatiana Cooley Bio Pic

🪄I’m Tatiana, owner of Cooley Creative. I help individuals and businesses create marketing content for the digital space and utilize it in a way that establishes their brand & drives the right traffic to their product or service.

I graduated summa cum laude from Southeastern University in 2017 with my Bachelor’s in Business Leadership & started copywriting for an Herbal Supplement Company. While working for them, I was promoted to Content Director.

After my time with that company, I began as the Marketing Director for a family-owned B2B manufacturing company.

While working for this company, I hired a friend and colleague of mine to create some promotional videos for us to utilize on the digital front. Naturally, my experience in Content Directing, led me to script and plan out the video shoots in a way that was strategic to our marketing goals. That business interaction led to me scripting & storyboarding dozens more corporate promotional videos.

My heart for film, photography, and visual & performing arts, combined with my knowledge and experience for marketing & business birthed a new business concept that became known as Cooley Creative. Cooley Creative was officially established in July of 2022 and in October of 2022 I was able to focus on it as my full-time occupation.

My name is Audra Teske, and I am the Social Media & Digital Ad Manager here at Cooley Creative LLC. I am a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University with a BBA in marketing. With a deep passion for creativity and a keen interest in the digital world, I am fueled by a strong desire for personal and professional growth. I am eager to embrace new challenges, stay ahead of industry trends, and explore innovative marketing techniques.

This is just the beginning! I am so grateful to be apart of this small but growing team and help business owners expand their customer base.

Audra has been a valuable asset to our company since Summer of 2023. She is pivitol in our growth and continues to prove her dedication, not only to the vision of the company, but to the community and our clients.

Audra Teske
dylan groh

Hi I’m Dylan. I love making meaningful connections and exploring new opportunities with photography and videography. As a musician and creative, I love the opportunity to create compelling content that is both artistic and thoughtful.

Dylan has been doing photography for 4 years and enjoys capturing special moments for clients like weddings, professional branding, and small businesses! Dylan is a valuable asset to the team and helps create engaging content for our client’s in align with their marketing strategy.